Due to this crazy, life changing pandemic, Miss Ashley’s music classes will be postponed until life is  more safe and healthy again! Stay tuned!

Until then, go to my YouTube “Ashley’s Musikids  FUN!” There are lots of fun musical things for the kids to do there! 

Ashley has been busy at work creating “a children’s book for the times we live in” meaning the COVID-19 pandemic. It has just been released on Amazon, receiving rave reviews.

What is Ashley’s Musikids?

It is the most educational, fun, unusual, invigorating, full of giggles and bubbles, nourishing, magical, musical extravaganza you can ever do for yourself and your little one! It will bring you life times of learning and happiness every week!

Our Ashley’s Musikids are a mixed age group of classes for 4 month old bouncing babies to 4 year old dancing toddlers. Classes are once a week for 45 minutes. We explore instruments from around the world: Everything from drums, to shaker eggs, bells, resonator bars, clatterpillars, piano, accordian, and so much more! There is a lot of “sing alongs”, the infamous “Ba Ba’s, I hear a sound”. We learn dances from around the world, from the Tango to the Cha Cha, Lots of partner dancing, circle dancing, listening games, activities that tap into the “ever so wise” imagination!

Thank you! We are glad you are here!

Click here to watch an interview with Ashley talking about the grand opening
of her upcoming music classes on TV channel 18, Harwich Cape Cod.