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Jabesh Dutt founded the D.F. Blind School in 1986. Because West Bengal, India had no plan in place to rehabilitate the handicapped – Jabesh got to work and is the Founder and Director of the D.F. Blind School in Kolkata, India.

Kolkata has over 18 million people that call this their home. There are over 12 million blind people in India. 31.3% of all deaths happen before the age of four. Jabesh and his staff has rescued many blind children from the streets and poverty of Kolkata and given them an education, nutrition, a roof over their head, medical attention and most of all, love and hope for their future.

Brittany McCann heard the story from her Dad, Tom and decided to take action, she was 17.

What she did, was get her high school in Connecticut to take the money that they usually spend on Limos to go to the prom and instead, they took buses to the prom and gave the money to the Blind School in India. They raised thousands – enough to build a second floor at the school!

Ali Shapiro, took over Brittany’s position at the high school, and raised over $16,000 at a Dance-A-Thon. Now the school can buy the land next door, to expand! There is now a plaque in Ali’s name at the school in her honor.

Nick from the Dalton Private School, in Manhattan, New York raised over $7,000 hosting a Dance-A-Thon at a club in New York City. My son Dakoda Collins is a Dee Jay and he flew up on his 18th birthday to Dee Jay the event, free of charge.

I don’t know about you, but when I was a teenage, I wasn’t spending a large amount of my time helping other children and teens across the world, who were less fortunate then me.

It brings tears to my eyes to see these kids spend their time and money to help other kids across the world.

The people of India are so kind, beautiful and hospitable and yet at the other end of the spectrum are the heartbreak of the beggar children in the streets and the high rate of blindness. You’ll see it’s all there in the pictures and slide shows.

The gift of giving of ourselves – our finances – our prayers – whatever it is... like the Starfish story says... the giving to one another brings such power and pleasure to the giver and such hope and peace to the receiver.

HATS OFF TO YOU BRITTANY AND ALL YOUR FELLOW TEENS! for making such a big difference in our world!

Thank You!

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