Ashley's Musik Kids
Who is Miss Ashley?

To support young children and their families to Nourish and Flourish thru Music and Movement in their lives.

Favorite Moment:
Holding my son in my arms for the first time and seeing his beautiful lil face!

Photography, High Heels, and Starbucks

Secret Power:
Playing Harmonica with ten Basset Hounds Harmonizing

Mamalushka, Cacoo, Wowie

"Shower with Love, watch blossom like flower"

Music and Laughter

Voice Over world, Singing, Ashley's Musik Kids,Family

On a more serious "note".....Ashley was one of the first successful, Women  Sales Reps for IBM, in Worcester Massachusetts. She graduated with a double major in "Theatre and Communications,and received her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Northern Colorado. Skiing in April in Tee Shirt and Shorts...Priceless! 

Another treasurable hilight was  attending Family Light Music School in Sausalito, California,as well as learning Belacanto Italian style opera vocal technique ("Beautiful Singing"). She had the honor of touring around the Wild West,  with Jessie Colin Young, Neil Diamond and John Denver, back in the day! Growing up in a family of 7 children, was the most chaotic, joyful experience ever and only enhanced her love for children and family. Throw singing,theatre and music in the mix, as well as  being a Head Teacher at Pre Schools in California, and Receiving the International Teachers Excellance Award for The Gymboree Play and Music  Center in Boca Raton Florida....what do you get?  The World's Zaniest, Silliest, Sing Song full of  Colorful Character.....Miss Ashley!  Your Musik Educator! :)

The End

Carol Ann Ashley Birtwell ( I go by Ashley)
Musik Educator
Voice Talent

""Feel GOOD"
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