Ashley's Musik Kids
Meet The Illustrator of
"Freddie and Bibelle"

Kandy Caki (aka Dao Kim Phuc) is the Illustrator for "Freddie and Bibelle ~ An Extraordinary Encounter." She learned graphic design at Ton Duc Thang University.

Her love of color and her talent and imagination create a myriad of colorful illustration, which is a perfect blend for illustrating books, as well as marketing tools for your business. Her delivery is always professional, expedient and beautiful.

She has joined forces with where she keeps busy creating character illustration, portraits and most any design that involves drawing. She is easily reachable via email : or on

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Carol Ann Ashley Birtwell is the Author of "Freddie and Bibelle"~ An Extraordinary Encounter." She has been an Early Childhood Educator for over 18 years, with Gymboree and Ashley's Musik Kids as well as being a Head Pre School Teacher and Sales Rep for IBM.

At the end of her Toddler classes she gives the kids a frog and butterfly stamp on their hands and feet to represent "Leaping Fun" and "Positive Transformation" in her classroom. There just had to be a story about a red eyed tree frog, named Freddie and a dazzling butterfly named Bibelle!