Ashley's Musik Kids

Birthday Parties, Concerts and Events!
Your little one's MUSIK EDUCATOR is the PERFECT person to come
perform THE BEST Interactive FUN! Birthday Bash this side of the Mississippi!
So that would be ME! Ashley!  If you have just HEARD how great we are,
and haven't experienced one of our parties yet, you will be in for a TREAT!

Party minimum

These are usually our prices. It could vary slightly depending where you live,
how far away the loading zone is, and if there are over 50 children attending.
We ask for half of the total amount due, to save your spot, at the time of booking. The balance is due the day of the party.

Click here to leave a deposit and to request a day!
(Put the day and time in the note section)

We bring the FUN and EXCITEMENT to you with lots of instruments, bubbles, songs and activities that tie in to any theme you may have for your little one's special day. Pirates, to Princess's, Dinasaurs to Trains. Drums to shaker eggs, Ribbon Twirls to Beach Balls... We know children and we know A LOT of songs, and fun, educational, festive activities that invite babies on up thru the Grand Ma Ma's and Grand Pa Pa's, to put on their dancin feet and join in on the fun!  

Music plays while we set up for the show, as well as while we are packing up, so the event is well worth your investment with us! Many fond memories will be created! Please get in touch soon, as we book about 3 weeks in advance. 

You provide the venue. It could be your home, or a Rec Center, or somewhere else. We DO outside parties, but HIGHLY recommend you do those in the cooler months and/or, earlier in the day or early evening. The children, tend to wilt like little flowers if it is very hot outside, UNLESS......there is WATER!  Pool or water activities save everyone from the heat! 

Document That Birthday Party with Ashleysmusikids Photography!
So already have your favorite Educator doing your little one's Birthday Party!  Well then, hire Ashley to document the wonderful event with her Camera!  If you haven't looked closely at the slideshow on the home page, check it out! Ashley is a GREAT Photographer of Children and Kids in Action, which I am sure you know, can be challenging! Pricing for Birthday Photo Documentary begins at $150.00.

Photo by: Lauren Hensgens (6 images above)

Questions? Want to book something? Call, text or email Ashley!
We would LOVE to be involved with you and your family making beautiful, fun, memories!

Ashley Birtwell Check Deposits are made out to Carol A. Birtwell
Mailed to: 877  Stevens Ave #4312
Solana Beach Ca. 92075
OR.....use Paypal!!!!!